Weekend Update

This weekend I dressed up like a disco ball in the middle of the day and went to a soiree with a fancy mirror that I have a mad crush on. And sipped champagne. Because that’s what disco balls do in the middle of the day.

The next morning we were out of the house early. Our morning plans changed abruptly, so Matt said “We’re going to the swap meet”. We grabbed some coffee and headed to the old drive-in theatre in Oceanside, where the swap meet is. I was very happy I decided to wear my Uggs that morning! Turns out it’s freezing at 7am, even on days when it gets up to 80.

We went straight to the your-trash-is-my-treasure section, as Matt called it. I called it Little Mexico. Good thing I know enough Spanish to haggle. There was some good stuff there! I haven’t been to a swap meet in years. It’s possible I’d now like to go every week. Matt was checking out tools, I was looking for some crazy joujou stuff. We didn’t come away with any of that. But we did come away with this beauty.

Yashica Electro 35

I looked down at this beauty glistening in the sun and had to have it. How much? $10. Yeah. Ten. Dollars. I couldn’t get that 10 dollar bill out of my wallet fast enough! You know what the best part is? There’s film in it. Half a roll already taken. How long do you suppose that’s been in there? Who took them? What are they of? I took a picture already, it totally works. We’re going to take the rest then try to get it developed. I wonder what treasure map awaits us with those pictures?

Matt honed in on this shiny snare and stand shoved in a case. Drummers just know how to sniff out amazing snares.

snare drum

That thing is sweet. The stand is a crazy good one. Matt’s has been falling apart for years, he needed a new one bad. He’s stoked to have a second snare, too.

At the same little spot he picked that snare up, I saw this black and white beauty.

bass guitar

Oh dear. Be still my beating heart. I wish I would’ve gotten the antlers in the shot that were next to those plastic grapes. The weirdest swap meet booth-thingie ever. She had the most random things. It’s possible the snare and bass were hot, she knew nothing about music and they were both super good. I picked this sucker up, tuned it and started playing. Oh. Dear. Do I really need a second bass? No. YES. I do need a second bass! Just look at it! I asked the lady with the mustache how much it was. “$40″. Yes please! Matt and I pulled out our wallets and started pooling our money. We only had $36. Would she take $36? “No.” What?! Come on, Mustache Lady, take it for $4 less than you’re asking! It’s all we have, clearly! We just bought a snare from you full price, we didn’t even try to haggle that. She said someone wants both the bass and the (crappy) practice amp and said he was coming back for it. I looked at her, “Really? He’s coming back? He’s not going to come back. $36. Cash. Right here. Take it.” She didn’t take it. So like a good wheeler and dealer, we walked away. She didn’t call after us. Dang. A half hour later we swing back around, it’s still sitting there, calling my name. I bet she’ll take it now! Someone’s buying something off her, so I wait respectfully until that transaction is done, then I start walking up to her, and…what?! What are you doing? PUT MY BASS DOWN! That guy was giving her money for the bass and amp! NOOOO! He did come back. That dirty man came back and ripped that gorgeous bass out of my fingers and broke my heart. I bet he didn’t even know how to play. I hung my head (and heart) in sadness and walked away. Left the darn swap meet. Then went home to soothe my soul by playing my own bass that I adore.

bass guitar

That’s better. Everything’s right in the world now.

One Response to “Weekend Update”

  • Evette Says:

    Oooh Ang, when you get the film developed, you’ll have to post the old pics here, and we can write little stories to go with them! And you should’ve walked up to that guy, taken the bass, smashed it to pieces, handed the lady 36 bucks, and walked away. If you can’t have it, no one can!